Thursday, January 6, 2011

Run With You

Run With You

I want to runaway with you
And do the things kids do.
I made mistakes with you
But I don't want to live without you
I'd like to start brand new
I want to runaway with you
And just be there for you
I want to get marred, 
Do you?

Stupid Romance

Stupid Romance
Feeling grim inside, I use a smile to hide.

I laugh if off like it's nothing but,
You used to remind me of something...good
To the tush, hear, love. But you never let me taste.
In my mind I cry...and I wonder why?
Seems like we only talk to share a goodbye
Tell me why
I ask you what's new?
Tell me why
We can't talk about me and you?
I try to push past gray clouds
Because you where my friend

Monday, January 3, 2011

Excuse My Ego

Excuse my ego
My like gets a lil blurry
I can see you but you can never see me.
I'm high, i'm on the next flight
You want my money but
My pockets to tight 
No skinny jeans cuz they just don't fit
You can't beet me, I run this
My swag leads the way
So we push past yo lame ass
So excuse your self 
Here comes my ego
I don't lessen so you better keep my attention
So keep on kissing cuz
I Get Bored So Fast That They Won't Last. . .But Girl You're Special Like I Met You In A Slow Class.
Excuse My Ego.


Lust, sex, and lies
They where my deepest cries
To try to make love
I tried it on for size
try to walk a mile in my shoes.
Don't ask me to make love
Cuz it's just sex.
Don't ask me for a slow kiss
Cuz it's just lust.
Don't ask me how I feel
Cuz it all lies.
It is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver.
Don't push me with lies of trust
You got one hand on my size the other hand on the prize
Ya i seen the lust in your eyes.
But with no love for me just money.
Ya you played me and sex was your game
I thought I was good but you where got at it.
We lied to get where we were going.
But in the mount of lies we lost what where were going for.